About Us

Our mission is helping you, the destination marketing organization, be more successful.

About Us

OpenTravel launched in 2005 and has grown into a comprehensive suite of tools for destination marketing and management.  We are constantly upgrading and enhancing the OpenTravel software to help keep pace with the specific needs of the tourism industry.

In 2008 we won a Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) entrepreneur award, largely for our work on this project.

How? By letting you and your staff do your thing. You already have enough to look after, so we’ve created a suite of tools that work round-the-clock managing your customers, products, and services. By handling many inventory, customer, and marketing tasks automatically, OpenTravel allows you to focus on your energy where you really need it.

OpenTravel is an intuitive and powerful set of integrated tools designed for both your staff and your customers. We excel at connecting customers to your products and services, and provide a broad array of solutions to market and distribute your information accurately and efficiently.

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