Real Time, All the Time

Become the central authority for information about your destination, and easily share it with others.

OpenTravel makes your destination information available in real time, all the time for you and your partners. We have developed powerful cloud services that allow your information to be shared and updates across any number of additional services, even ones outside the OpenTravel framework. With customization, OpenTravel can also respond in real-time to third party systems as well.

Real Time, All the Time

  • Have a partner that wants to use your booking engine? No problem! Provide them access to our search and booking API and they can integrate it into their existing services seamlessly.
  • Have a partner that wants to map your destination locations on a mapping system? No problem! Provide them access to our lookup API and they can extract as much geo-location information as they require.
  • Want to use your own system for the look-and-feel of your public website but still use all the data bound to the OpenTravel system? No problem! Our cloud services can fully abstract any subsystem so that your web programmers can create a fully custom look-and-feel that exists outside the core of OpenTravel.

Our cloud services layer lets you work with regional DMOs, travel agencies, third-party developers, and other strategic partners while still being the central authority for your destination. All information you enter into the OpenTravel system is instantly available to all your partners.

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