Streamline Your Workflow

Manage and share your destination information quickly, easily, and with consistency.

OpenTravel contains many subsystems that perform specialized tasks, from taking bookings to managing business descriptions. Each aspect of the system is tied to all the others. You never enter the same information twice, and information entered in one system is immediately available to all other systems and by leveraging our cloud web services, you can update your information from anywhere at any time!

Streamline Your Workflow

For example, if a business operator enters accommodation information into the inventory management system, their room becomes immediately available to customers for booking in the reservation system. Additionally, the overall occupancy reports update to include the new inventory values, and the rooms are instantly exported to all partner websites that are using our cloud booking services.

You can also shape your data for purposes outside those of conventional web marketing. We have modules that can export business and inventory listings as print-ready guides which can be shipped to a printer. Data can be pushed to a smartphone app or a to a visitor information centre kiosk. The information stored in OpenTravel system can be shared and used by any device or application that has a network connection.

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